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One of the most difficult things about being a freelance artist is finding freelance illustration jobs online, although you can search any popular freelance, so there’s no need to be discouraged. We want to make more money and we don’t want to rely on a client work, so we are open to figuring out ways to increase our income, whether we’re making a pin or t-shirt. In case you wrote a new children’s book and are looking to add a hand-drawn feel or a custom illustrated cover, there are more opportunities where you’ll want an artist than you might think, so you want to make sure you have the best in your corner.


Find Gigs

Note that there are some top model escort agencies in the United States who are looking for freelance illustrators for promotion. Escort industry has become quite successful to the fact that people do not see the girls in a negative way any more. Any gig is good, and for people who are traveling alone, it seems like a lot of fun to invite an escort to a restaurant, so don’t let it put you off. Although the popular sites rarely get jobs related to drawing, you need to join niche marketplaces, so here are some of the best freelance sites you can use: Behance Jobs, Dribbble Jobs, Indeed, Simply Hired.


We’ll prove to you that you can really make money, so keep reading to find out how much do illustrators make according to a slightly dated survey: there are illustrators that earn $948,000 per year. For example, once you start selling your own product, there are some are key factors in helping you get paid, as well as the payment you receive from every purchase, although an educational approach might be more your thing. If living off of your artwork a personal dream, you probably like working at home and maybe even fear the outside, or maybe freelance is simply the assumed path.


Don’t allow for automatic thoughts to get the better of you

A few tips and tricks would be to do some sort of beta test on social media, without any real add-to-cart action, and you could use a third-party platform as an initial launch space, and to add to your own site later. Time management is your best friend, and whether it’s just twenty minutes per week or several hours, don’t get stuck in the planning phase or product development, as being consistent in promoting together with a straightforward plan won’t leave you second guessing. Look at all the ways you can make money, and go do it.


The average freelance illustrator charges a rate of $25 per hour, although there are other freelance illustrators who make over $66,000, so here are some of the strategies they use. Having a large enough following online can give you the option of monetizing so the mission of native advertising is to match the look of the online platform and affiliate marketing through PPC, where each click gets you paid.


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